What is My Street Films

Your street.
Your film.

Every street has its story,
not every street has its film.
Make it!

My Street Films was born in the past year as a project of the online documentary portal DAFilms.com. The pilot edition focused on the streets of Prague whose stories and atmosphere were captured by more than 120 submitted films that contributed to the film map of the city we live in. The success of the first edition gave us energy and inspiration for 2015 when My Street Films sets out beyond the borders of Prague to discover the life in the streets of other Czech, Slovak, Polish and Hungarian cities. This year, the project will become a place of the encounter and comparison of Czech and other Central European cities and their citizens.

The My Street Films project was launched in co-operation with the British documentary festival Open City Docs Fest where our filmmakers have a chance to present their winning films. The desire to explore the known and unknown streets through the film medium is thus slowly spreading from London (whose version of the project is available at www.mystreetfilms.com) and Prague further to Central Europe. Polish organizer of the project is Krakow Film Foundation.

However, My Street Films is not intended for film professionals and their fans only; anyone who desires to capture the world around them can submit their film. You do not have to film yourself or your street; what is most important is that the film fits in our film map which illustrates not only real places but also their diverse perceptions; so that we will find observational and portrait quarters there as well as experimental nooks where not only renegades meet. 

The makers of the best films will be able to experience the atmosphere of film festivals; the winner for the best director will be accreditation at 56. Krakow Film Festival. Moreover, the winners will be able to enjoy the documentary film world for the rest of the year thanks to an unlimited access to the film catalogue of the DAFilms.com portal. Polish organizer of My Street Films is Krakow Film Foundation. That’s why winners will be able to show their films also on Krakow Film Festival.


 So what are you waiting for?

Your street. Your film. Your My Street Films!